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The Future of Free Speech

Well in light of my previous article Free Speech may not be dead if many, many more start to push back against the enemies of humanity. Given this unfair, unconstitutional and completely illegal "Show Trial" It is highly likely that Alex Jones may very well appeal this completely unfair ruling on a number of reasons including Legal, Ethical and Moral issues as it was completely rigged from the outset. As for every Pro-Democratic Pro-Freedom fighter we are growing faster than the lying MSM will even notice let alone acknowledge as organisations like Reignite Democracy Australia and it's new offspring Reignite World Freedom among other Pro-Freedom groups are making their presence known. and it's a voice that will never be put out in fact it's growing stronger no matter what The Fake News Media claims. So don't lose hope everyone because i for one can assure you we are NOT going away ever. Freedom is our natural right Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Choice etc we can't let the enemies of humanity win because if we do then humanity is doomed if more and more don't wake up now as yesterday has proven if they can go after a man like Alex Jones then imagine what will happen if they go after you?

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Alex Jones and the possible death of free speech

This is a dark day for free speech not only in The US but the whole world. Yesterday one of the most unfair, unconstitutional and i would say illegal show trials in the history of America has ordered Infowars founder Alex Jones to pay US $965 million to the families of Sandy Hook massacre victims and the FBI Special Agent who was the first to respond. and this is despite the clear fact Jones did not mention any of the families by name whatsoever. Now whether you like him or not Alex Jones has been warning the world about how The Establishment would be silencing any opinion or even a thought that challenges "The Narrative" and sadly this has been proven 100% correct. But Alex will most certainly not give in or give up as this was a completely unfair show trial to begin with with Alex not been given the chance to defend himself as is his constitutional right and the jury was pretty much ordered to find him guilty whether he was guilty or not and that completely undermines The Justice system to a point where vile leftists get away with little more than a slap on a wrist where as people like Alex Jones get relentlessly persecuted to the point of financial ruin. This is indeed a dark day for free speech and yet former White House Press secretary Jen Psaki claims that "The end of Infowars would be a public service" But allow me to remind people that Free Speech from any form of media service is a fundemental right as is enshrined by Article 19 of The International Covenant of Civil and Political rights charter which says quote " Everyone has  the right to freedom of opinion and expression this right includes freedom to hold opinion without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers" unquote. So Jen Psaki Take note. But there is a way that my readers can help if you value free speech as a fundemental human right and think that this is one of the most blatant abuse of human and constitutional rights you have ever seen i would encourage you to help donate to Alex Jones Legal fund at www.Saveinfowars.com to keep him in the fight.

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Freedom Over Tyranny

Wilkinson's Woke mouth strikes again.

Well well It seems that Lisa Wilkinson has bitten off more than she can chew this time by using The Logies as a platform to open her woke mouth and therefore commit a criminal offence in the form of Contempt of Court. This is in relation to a trial involving Brittany Higgins's alleged rapist and in by using The Logies's acceptance speech Wilkinson wilfully commited a comtempt of court offence on national TV inspite of a solicitor warning her not to do so. Clearly her Narcissism once again got the better of her. By willfully if not brazenly Lisa Wilkinson may have jepardised said court case and by doing that on National TV and for all to hear she has committed a contempt of court offence the penalties which range from 7 to 10 years Jail. But then again she unfortunately may get away with such contempt as celebrities often do especially with that phrase "One rule for thee but not for me" particularly when Monica Smit and Simeon Boikov are facing much worse charges just for being Pro-Freedom, Pro Democratic and Anti-Government Tyranny activists. However i should point out that just because you're a celebrity doesn't give you a green light to get away with such contempt you should be treated the same as ordinary people whether you like it or not. If things were done properly in the legal sense then everybody would get the same sort of punishment instead of giving celebrities a slap on the wrist for contempt of court and relentlessly persecuting Grass-Roots Pro-Freedom Pro-Democratic activists on trumped up charges designed to try and silence them into submission well guess what you corrupt bureaucrats and legal system won't get away with that so easily.

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P.S Freedom Over Tyranny

Elon Musk and Twitter

Now that Elon Musk has bought Twitter outright this will send all the crigeworthy snowflakes into nuclear meltdown. But where have we heard that before i know it was when Donald Trump was president of The U.S and yet 6 years later those same snowflakes have not made good on their threat to move to Canada as they're are still here spewing their vile rhetoric. Now those same vultures are reportedly making death threats against Musk for his Pro Free Speech advocacy which i for one hope he does go ahead with his plans to make Twitter what it's supposed to be a digital town square where Everyone can voice their opinions without censorship and without being canceled as leftists have been getting away with their vile opinions for far too long all the while conservatives who tend to have far better ideas than many leftists do get either censored or canceled Laura Loomer, James O Keefe and Project Veritas just to name but a few. Now whether Musk goes through with his plans or not and whether those same cringeworthy snowflakes make good on their threats to move to Canada we shall see but with Musk's plans for a more free speech based Twitter should have all far-left trolls scared as this buyout by Musk has them all on the ropes. Because now their safe space may end up being no more and that many who have had their accounts suspended for stating the truth may end up having their same accounts reinstated but only time will tell of those same oucomes.

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Forced Vaccinations on the masses

Hello everyone I do apologise for not writing on here as often due to unforeseen circumstances. Now let's get to the point. This is in regards to the Covid jab. While I don't have a problem with people getting the jab what is unacceptable for multiple reasons including constitutional,legal,moral and ethical reasons is mandatory vaccinations. The Australian Immunisation Handbook spells this out very clearly that consent to being vaccinated must be given "In the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation". Scott Morrison,Daniel Andrews,Dominic Perrottet, Mark McGowan Read it. Once you go down this path you will have replaced Democracy and Liberty with Tyranny Fear and Suspicion worse and this should disturb you. Once the authorities have decreed that there are two classes of Australian citizen the good and the bad and that one class gets special privileges including freedoms and civil liberties that governments have stolen from us by the way. While the other class is shunned,locked out,vilified and loses their employment then they have by definition created an inferior class. For which The Germans once coined a simple word roughly translated into lower or inferior person Untermensch. If that word doesn't bring a chill to your heart it damn well should. Especially when Grandmothers take their granddaughters to get the jab without the child's parents knowing about it and either accidentally or intentionally did not let the medical centre know about the child's health issues. More about this story can be found on Reignite Democracy Australia's Webpage. Now all of this should send chills down your spine when human rights are being trampled upon and many just sit on the fence and think that it won't happen to them. Well I have news for you if you don't wake up and grow a spine and a set of balls then the freedoms that you cherish will be the ones your children and your grandchildren will never know existed.                                                            Until next time I'm Craig Mitchell Stay safe but more importantly Stay Free

India onto Greta Thunberg

Now i've been hearing as yet confirmed reports that Greta Thunberg may be in trouble with India over her "How To" Kit encouraging Indian Farmers to protest against The Indian Government and practically giving them instructions on such. Already one Indian Activist has been arrested and charged as a result of messages sent between herself and Thunberg which The Indian Government has described as Sedition. A Tweet that Thunberg sent on February 3rd states quote " Here's an updated Toolkit by people on the ground in India if you want to help" unquote. Of course she deleted said tweet but it was too little too late as India has set up a Criminal Probe though not directed at Thunberg personally but into the authors of the content she posted. Apart from copping it sweet by Indian Twitter users slamming her comments it seems that if this Probe is successful she could find herself being extradited to India to faces charges of sedition and last time i checked Sedition carries a lengthy Prison Sentence if convicted. Personally i wouldn't hold my breath as leftists rarely get convicted of anything let alone Sedition but you never know India may very well have the balls to proceed with such a case if that's true then Greta Thunberg better hope that India does not have an extradition treaty with Sweden because otherwise literally she is screwed big time.

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Humanity Vs The Great Reset

As 2020 it's has been a tragic and sinister year drawing to a close but after 2020 something more sinister is emerging. Enter The Great Reset while it may be tempting in some areas but overall it's the plan of Satan to put it politely. Being offered a guarantee of a Universal Basic Income may be tempting to those who seem desperate and blind to reality in truth it's a dystopian nightmare in the making. For instance being deprived of your freedoms and civil liberties as well as property and/or other forms of ownership like your car or personal items among other things is not one that anyone who has a conscience or a heart would want but tell that to Klaus Schwab and the infamous World Economic Forum Cronies who want to deprive you of even the most basic necessaties in life and the many things that our ancestors laid down their lives in sacrifice in both World Wars for the right to live in a free and fair society. But unfortunately for The Globalist Satanic worshippers of The W.E.F this Great Reset will most likely fail because about 99% of the world's population don't wish to be mindless automatons through untried untested and bluntly unsuccessful vaccines in order for The Globalists to literally work people to death as any of us of all races have a heart, we have a soul, we have a conscience but most of all we know how to feel for people, to feel their pain and suffering, to be grateful to one another and mostly many of us well we wish to retain our own unique identities because that is Humanity for you. So if anyone is out there being tempted by the prospect of This Great Reset take my advice REJECT IT because you would only sell your soul to Satan and you would have given up on The spirit of God and Humanity and to what God has for those who embrace in what makes Humanity Great through our lord and saviour Jesus. That is the one thing that can never be taken away from us if we continue to fight and defend Humanity in general.

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Excuse the Acronym but i'll get to that in a little bit but first what's caused me to use such. The main part is Covid-Induced Border closures between Australia's states and territories. And why such border closures because State and Territory leaders particularly Queensland and Western Australia have got it into their thick heads that closing borders between State and Territories will keep Covid pretty much out of their juristictions. But i'm sorry but closing a State or Territory border for the sake of what an inkling of cases with the exception of Victoria is not a shall i say it not a humane or indeed an economic one. Case in Point a pregnant woman in Ballina in the North Coast of New South Wales trying to get emergency treatment in Brisbane for her yet unborn twins at the time got so anxious about getting a border exemption she waited 16 hours for a mercy flight to Sydney and waited about 6 or 7 hours more for surgery sadly the scans revealed that on of her unborn twins had died. Now this could have been avoided if States and Territories weren't so hard about borders. Here's a reality check for those who think it was ideal for States and Territories to close their borders for something that is more or less The Flu on Steroids in council area within such juristictions that have had 10 cases or less of Covid Western Australia 100% South Australia 100% Queensland 99% NSW 95% and Victoria 51%. Here's that reality check for you not to mention the Humane and Economic damage doing to each and everyone of Australia's Citizens. So much for Federation we may as well call ourselves The Union of Australian Segregated Republics or U.A.S.R hence the acronym mentioned ealier and i hate to burst your bubbles Qld and WA but an election coming up for each of you but to the Premiers of both that does not excuse the inhumane thoughts going on in your heads that seem to be ignored because of your somewhat Narcissistic Attitudes to cling onto another term in office not to mention closing borders is in violation of Article 13 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

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Victoria's Covid Cluster caused by Snowflakes

Firstly i would like to welcome back to all those who visit my blog and now i have woken from the hiatus from my blog page here goes nothing. Now The Australian state of Victoria which we all know is a communist hotspot and the recent BLM protests prove once again Daniel Andrews's double standards inflicted upon the rest of Victorians for the sake of 30,000 grovelling Marxist Snowflakes and that the Covid-19's spike in cases the point was aptly proven. An upsurge in cases in the last few days which Daniel Andrews has the nerve to blame families for when in fact if he had any balls which of course he doesn't he should be blaming The Marxist trash that disguise themselves as Black Lives Matter fanatics. Now it's known throughout the world of Conservatives and those who actually have a brain and not act like sheep will tell you that BLM are little more than glorified Communist pigs that don't actually represent the black community in general and that the death of George Floyd was the right moment in which they pounced spewing their leftist rhetoric woke diatribe. Now to all those imbecilles who attended a protest that has little or no actual concern to them and to Daniel Andrews congratulations on proving how selfish you lot really are and that you all wonder why Victoria has gone down the cesspit of a sane life in which you have passed the point of no return so far you couldn't remember what it looked liked when you passed it. And do spare me your "Progressive" rhetoric because no one is listening same goes with the grose incompentence of The Cedar Meats outbreak that Andrews's government caused.

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DV a Two way Street

This on is all about how Domestic Violence is a Two-Way Street and can happen to anyone as it does not discriminate. This is being written because it seems the Lamestream media tends to paint DV as only happening to Women as is the case with that horrible car fire where a entire family was burned to death by a mentally derranged ex Football Player. But the same media fails to even look at where men are victims also case in point a man named Jari Wise aged just 26 was run over by a car driven by his Girlfriend Mellisa Oates aged 34 and was tragically killed as a result Oates was charged with 4 breaches of a Police Family Violence Order. But did most of the media cover this? nope they did not because they didn't believe men can be DV victims as well as women neither did the courts for that matter why? It's because the Media and The Justice System would let you to believe Men are Culprits when it comes to Domestic Violence what's even more insulting to Mr Wise's family is that his girlfriend is out on bail where if a man did similar there would be front-page news and condemnation from most of the DV groups that claim to be a champion for eliminating such yet refuse to raise an eyelid when even Men tend to be victims of such. But i'm sorry to burst your bubble here Rosie Batty and others who claim to be champions when it comes to Domestic Violence reduction but until you can accept that DV can happen to ANYONE Male OR Female those with a right mind will not listen to your ignorant platitudes and to the media and the justice system who keep painting men as culprits it's time you all took a reality check and accept that DV does not discriminate not even children are immune from such.

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Environmental Genocide

A horror start to this year's bushfire season has happened and it's not yet summer with bushfires in New South Wales and Queensland alone. Already there are around 100 Bushfires in both states half of which uncontained and why did this happen well you can blame The Greens for all of this. As many of those would know Di Natale and his communist cronies have whinged to a point where essential backburning has been cut back so much it's no surprise that there is so much fuel that a tragedy was to unfold and sadly it has happened. Hundreds of thousands of Hectares burned and this is the part where the headline is self evident at least 350 Koalas have died from these fires why? because of The Greens stupidity. And on an even more sad note at least three people have dies from these fires and Di Natale as well as Adam Bandt and the rest of The Communist Pack have blood on their hands and they had been so selfish if not sadistic as to link the bushfires to their pathetic Climate Change Narrative. Well i've got news for you Di Nutbag AND your cronies the blood of innocent people and those Koalas are on your hands and that is one stain that will never come off and that ultimately you will all be held accountable. That and everyone in those snowflake ghettos you live in as well. And if The Greens really cared about the envrioment as well as all native wildlife that live in it you would allow essential backburning to take place so you you might want to think about that carefully you Yellow-Bellied, Tie-Wearing, Bribe-Taking Hypocrites!!!

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Watermelon Activists

Now this is bound to get more than a few snowflakes raging but personally i'm not going to give a toss because i don't. Using children as political shields to promote their Climate Change hypocrisy/verbal sewerage is one of the ultimate lows that one can possibly go. Case in Point Greta Thunberg a 16 year old who as a result of these Watermelon Activists has decided to skip school in favour of promoting what is best described by thousands of scientists as a Hoax aka Climate Change rubbish and sails on a boat From Sweden to New York all the while having completely no idea that a yacht produces more carbon than a plane does on production alone. And why i mention the phrase Watermelon Activist well they're Green on the outside but Communist Red on the inside and they are the ones using children as political shields because they think they can get away with their hypocrisy. Well guess what even shields are prone to armour-piercing and here's one or two of such seeing as they are obsessed with the enviroment how about having the balls to stand up to the world's biggest polluter China. A nation that produces 10 Billion Tons of C02 per year more than The U.S and The U.K combined and is the biggest threat to the world's oceans as they dump 8.8 Million Metric Tons of plastic into the ocean compared to the U.S where they dump 0.3 Million Metric Tons. So no Watermelon Activists all you're doing apart from spreading your woke hypocrisy is commiting the ultimate form of Child Abuse by using your kids as Political Shields that and causing a scene in City CBD's like Extinction Rebellion has been doing.

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Another Nosey Zealot aka ANZ


Well another day another Corporate Woke Hypocrite shows it's head this time ANZ is in the news for labeling Israel Folau's wife Maria "Guilty by Association" in another company being a nosey zealot. As has been reported of late Maria Folau for doing little more than showing support for her husband has ANZ in their SJW Woke Diatribe complaning to New Zealand's Domestic and International Netball teams in another example of Corporate Intimidation towards a player who goes against the Left-Wing Narrative. However both Netball New Zealand and Australia have wisely chosen to stand by Maria Folau because she has not broken any rules for sharing her support for Israel's legal challenge against Rugby Australia. But in yet another example of money and power talking Former Netballer turned SJW Hypocrite Liz Ellis has called out Maria for being homophobic in spite of the obvious fact that Maria displayed NO Homophobic actions whatsoever. Perhaps Liz Ellis should take the time in familarising herself with Article 19 of The U.N Declaration for Human Rights before she runs of with her trap again. Freedom of Speech is not only a Fundamental Human Right but forms one of the most essential ingredient of a Judeo-Christian Democracy and has been for over two millenia. But ultimately The Silent Majority are more and more getting Frustrated by Political Correctness and choosing to boycott businesses that show more hypocrisy than actually sticking to their day job. So ANZ,HCF and Liz Ellis do us all a favour build a bridge and GET OVER IT and spare us more of your Virtue Signalling garbage it will only end in all of you coming off second best.

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When Going Woke Backfires Badly

Well in a not so surprising turn of events a Feminist Cafe Named "Handsome Her" In Melbourne Australia has closed it's doors for good nearly two years since it made headlines worldwide for charging Men an 18% "Man Tax" and giving priority seating to women over men among other negative so called rules. Now you might all be thinking that charging men 18% was what brought about it's death knell however it wasn't exactly confined to Man Taxes. From a frequent Reviewist on Trip Advisor who is completely legitimate and not some keyboard warrior trolling businesses and what not actually visited this Handsome Her Cafe and found it's service to be utterly and completely appaling to say the least and when went to complain which is a natural right of customers well let's say the staff did not take kindly to his complaints and called him some rather derrogative comments and sort of did so when he walked out. And that is not the way to run a business that and going political over the wage gap which has been debunked time and time again. And in another example of Woke Attitude Gillette sales have plummeted by 1% in their third quarter and net sales fell by 8% since their "Toxic Masculinity" Ad was broadcast by tarring the vast majority of men. Gillette have in essence tarred their reputation at the same time. Now i don't like to brag but i will it is Masculinity that drove men to fight in Wars under threat of certain death it is Masculinity that drive firefighters to save others in fires and other emergency situations and lastly it's Masculinity that drives the vast majority of men to protect their wives their partners,their families and their friends. So that said here's a message to anyone who might decide to follow a similar Woke attitude in terms of running a business          Get Woke GO BROKE!!

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Comedy Central Not so Funny

Now here's another reason not to allow TV to influence one's ideals as was demonstrated not too long ago in the case of Conservative Journalists Avi Yemini and Sydney Watson. It seems that after Jim Jefferies and Comedy Central's utter hypocrisy at doctoring Avi to make the audience look like he was a White Supremacist when in fact Avi is not. then he and Sydney Watson went to The U.S to mainly speak to a few TV Shows about their Journalist exploits and It Seems Comedy Central decided to make up false stories about the two of them and The FBI was waiting for them and after questioning them Avi Was Deported and Sydney may have ended up being dealt with a similar outcome had it not been for the fact she is both a U.S Citizen and and Australian Citizen as well. So Comedy Central another Left-Wing Bias Institution that has alarming influence in which to sing a Lying song to The FBI to better their own Degenerate Narrative in suppresing Free Speech in What is supposed to be the land of the free The U.S and if Comedy Central has that much say than it is quite troubling but given that now their hypocrisy has been exposed regardless of whether Avi was allowed into the states or not and that much of the Population is switching off the likes of CC because of their sterile and plain Boring Narrative well i need not explain what will happen to the staff their given Buzzfeed and some other Fake News outlets have sacked much of their staff i suspect that even Comedy Central's time may soon be over.

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The Fallout from Yumi

Well it seems the regressive left are still whinging about Changing Australia Day but on to the point 11 days since Australia Day and still Debate rages and all made worse when Yumi Stynes called Kerri-Anne Kennerley Racist for simply stating what the likes of Jacinta Price have talked about what is going on in Indigenous Communites instead all those on The Regressive Left plus Adam Goodes threw KAK under a Bus in favour of upholding Styne's Woke Diatribe Well here something Yumi why did you call Kerri-Anne Racist for simply stating the obvious and here's something else too seeing as how you have Japanese Ancestry on your Mum's side at least how about apologising for not only calling Kerri-Anne a Racist but apologise for what your Maternal Grandparents probably did to our Diggers In Japanese POW Camps During WW2 Hmmm? No didn't think so so i'll make this simple for you Yumi Get over your Woke Diatribe Move on and SHUT UP!!

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Street Art Trash

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Another day another so called Street Artist who clearly has little or no talent has decided to make fun of Trump Supporters by putting up distastefull posters saying Keep New York City Trash Free and practically calling Trump Supporters and Conservatives in General White Supremacist Trash. Well to the alleged "Street Artist" i have news for you the vast majority of Trump Supporters actually have jobs and they know how to raise their kids right more to the point and have better things to do than illegally putting up defamatory posters in public streets yes even NYC themselves did not allow these posters to be put up in the first place so it seems clearly this street artist thinks he could get away with such defamatory garbage that this "Artist" Put up. perhaps he should actually do some fact checking beforehand but as with so many snowflakes he could not be bothered of course this being Winston Tseng who has been know to stir up controversy in the past decides to put up such rubbish that he wonders why he hasn't been taken to court.

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Queensland Legalising Glorified Murder

It is a sad day for the unborn babies of Queensland as of October 20th the government passed a law decriminalising Abortion or as the more conservative of us would describe it Glorified Murder and how did they celebrate this they put purple on all bridges in Brisbane at nightime they may as well put Red lights on the bridges to reflect all the unborn babies Murdered as a result of this bill being passed and more to the point if what i've been reading is true even men won't get a say whether a woman decides to have an abortion or not. What's even worse is that some women will exploit this newly passed act as a weapon towards their current or former partners as a act of spite some women have been known to do that to given their partners a guilty conscience all the while further advancing their own selfish self-centered interests and not those of unborn babies they plan to kill now i do apologise if this hits a raw nerve but well i'm not for advocating abortion as there are other ways to deal with Unplanned Pregnancies than to go to an Abortion clinic and terminate the pregnancy and even Pro-Life Advocates will be arrested if they even try to help women in need as a result as it's most likely that QLD will have passed exclusion zones near Abortion Clinics as well as Legalising Glorified Murder.

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Introducing Jordan Hunt

Now for anyone who doesn't tolerate Men Disrepecting Women i like to introduce the one entitled SoyBoy who Roundhouse Kicked a Pro-Life Protester in Canada i give you Jordan Hunt the Entitled SoyBoy Twat and alleged Campaigner for Feminist rights who has rings coming out of his bottom lip and a ridiculous hairstyle this is the man or should i call him a Coward because no man should hit a Woman irrelevant of their opinion or indeed kick them that has been identified as the one who Roundhouse Kicked a Pro-Life Activist in Toronto but afterwards he claimed he meant to kick the phone well i call B.S on this because he intended to commit such a cowradly act however Karma Bit his sorry Soyboy Butt big time not only was he sacked from his job but has now been arrested and faces 8 charges of assault so guess what Jordan Hunt Serves you right for being a Cowardly Entitled acting Soyboy.

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Urzilla Carlson's Slanging Blair Cottrell

Now this is a dowright insult on Urzilla Carlson towards our Patriotic Brother in arms Blair Cottrell callling him a Nazi or Hitler enthusiast on a Episode of Have You Been Paying Attention not too long ago now why would a Kiwi insult someone who speaks what the vast majority of Australians want for their country but then again she's from  South Africa then New Zealand so For someone who compares Cottrell to Hitler clearly isn't interested in Patriotic views is false assumption but then again Comedians content is Sterile if not a brazen case of Identity politics. Now i hate to burst your Fantasy Bubble here Carlson but Hitler was a Murdering Dictator where as Blair Cottrell is only speaking what the vast majority of us like-minded Aussies think and ummm it's no point crying to the Snowflake Leftists about your Triggered feelings but given your sexuallity they will only Betray you in preferences to the Religion correction Cult that at best imprisons Homesexuals and at worst Executes them by the most barbaric methods known to Humanity well it's a clear fact that Snowflakes don't care one bit about the LGBT community as they're so far deep into catering for the slime of Humanity then they are caring for anyone else that does not conform to their traitorous ideals. And you wonder why no Conservative in their right mind would find your Comedy Not Funny at all. And that's my blog update if you like what you have read feel free to subscribe to my Blog Page for the latest content that comes form my head and until next time Be Safe out there.

The Zombified State of Victoria

Well it is official The State of Victoria has gone completely Zombified in terms of the political spectrum as it's now a dangerous state to live in if your conservative given what is being churned in Universities these days case in point actually two. Conservative speakers Lauren Southern and Stephen Molyneux they can't seem to go on their speaking tour in Victoria without Snowflakes causing a scene one even managed to get in the venue screaming " I Love Refugees" yet another case of deluded Zombie Leftists running amock in Victoria why? The answer is simple Daniel Andrews. voters in my opinion made a colossal mistake by voting him in not knowing what the unfortunate outcome would be. What's even more disturbing is Lauren and Stephen like Milo before them are being slugged five figure "Fees" by the Police down there to "Protect them from Left-Wing snowflakes". Why am i not surprised given the likes of Roz Ward is irreversibly Brainwashing students with their wretched Communist tendacies perhaps the police should Bill the Snowflakes for causing such disruption given all they want to do is not work cause multiple acts of Violence,Sedition,Treason,Insolent Propaganda and other Despicable acts you can possibly think of. As for Lauren and Stephen i salute you both don't let these snowflake dogs get the better of you.

Rotten Red Hen

Well here's no surprise another day another whiny leftie this time although this was a few weeks back now a certain restaurant in Lexington Virginia named The Red Hen decides for no reason at all other than allowing their Liberal-Tendancies kicks out President Trump's official White House Secretary Sarah-Huckabee Sanders and her friends out simply for being Conservative. Why am i not surprised these Snowflaked Vultures thinking they can still have their way which is as destructive as opening your country's borders to the enemy guess what? businesses like The Red Hen will lose in the end as people tend to boycott those who show such arrogant attitudes and more to the point i've been hearing that these snowflakes go so low as to spit in the meals of people they don't like and that in turn counts as food poisoning and therefore a criminal offence and if they keep up their arrogant and selfish charades they will find themselves not only being out of business with multiple charges of Food Poisoning/Assault but also seeing what Prison food actually tastes like so snowflakes TAKE NOTE.

Authorities Exploiting The Mental Heath Act

Another day another time when Our Mental Health Act in all states is being not only exploited but to a certain degree raped to the Relevant authorities advantage in order to silence those who speak the truth because we all know for a fact Truth Hurts but it doesn't hurt as much as Lies,Deceit and Propaganda which The MSM pumps out by the litre. A Case in Point a conservative gets arrested by Police Here in Australia without a Warrant and no Proper Explaination and NO VALID REASON this sounds like fascism looks like fascism and works like fascism if not like the other evil word Communism but guess what they can't keep exploiting The Mental Heath Act by arresting certain people without copping the consequences of their Dictatorship-Like Attitudes because things like this tend to backfire and backfire big time they do Like what happened to yours truly The NSW Government tried using the exact same method to put me in a Mental Heath Ward But unfortunately for them it backfired to a point where they were forced to apologise to me and my family and this was back in 2015 and i still resent them for trying to suppress me and my thought are on Muslims to this very day and after 4 days i was allowed to go home without having any restrictions placed on me whatsoever of course they would not not want to not without copping a substantial Backlash.

Tommy Robinson Jailed

My friends another nail in the coffin of Free Speech in The U.K has bee driven in with Tommy Robinson Jailed for 13 months his alleged crime? Live Stream Reporting a gang of child rapist animals in Leeds. Yet another blow to free speech in Britain has been instigated as if Jailing Paul Golding and Jayda Franssen for doing their patriotic duty wasn't bad enough coupled with them given Fascist-style conditions and being under virtual houst arrest now "The Estabilshment" has gone after Tommy Robinson too all this is a clear example of how the once great country known as Britain has now become a Autonomous Totalitarian state where you can expect a visit from the police if you speak the truth about these Muslim animals yes they are animals because they behave and act like them Feral animals at that. Well i'm tired of this and aske everyone who reads this to start revolting against those who dare silence us into submission and take back our nationalistic pride and overpower The Establishment and all those degenerate snowflakes to a point where once again we can be free to speak our minds and not to be forced to behave like dogs on a leash.

Remembering Little Alfie.

And in very sad news little Alfie has passed away last week a death that could have been avoided if not for Britain's Socialist type health system which held Alfie and his family to ransom and not allowing them to fly to Italy to seek out alternative treatment for what was a Degenerative Neurological condition but unfortunately The British Government held the whole family to ransom even having police blocking the entrance to the hospital to prevent them from leaving a clear indication that the NHS didn't care about Alfie one bit rather sentencing him to death literally when they could have sort out any other avenue of treatment. But given that Britain's healthcare only cares about numbers over the lives of it's own people and Alfie is a clear example of such even reportts coming to light that in the middle of the night they called Alfie's parents for a meeting during which one of the hospital's staff quietly administered drugs into Alfie's body and sadly he was dead within two hours. A clear example of Britain's socialist attitude towards the health of it's own people some would call it Government-assisted Murder in some cases but that apparently is the case with The NHS absolute contempt for human life shame on Alder Hey Hospital and shame on The NHS and The U.K Government as for Alfie's distraught family on behalf of myself and my readers i offer my sincere condolences on your tragic loss Rest In Peace Little Alfie.

A new low by The ABC

It seems that not even Anzac Day is immune to yet another new low by The so-called ABC with a "Comedian" by the name of Catherine Deveny insulting our Anzacs on the day where we pay homage to our fallen diggers past and present and not insulting them but then again The ABC has gone so far left they'll stoop to any new lows like they have done in the past hence my boycott of the Unaustralian Biased Corporation or UBC continues. It makes you wonder that even special days like Anzac Or even Rememberance day are no longer considered taboo by The delusional leftards when they cleary insult the very heroes that gave them their freedoms only for it to be willfully abused. My Grandfathers both Maternal and Paternal would be turning in their graves at this type of below the belt insults that only The ABC specializes in wouldn't you think Personally Comedians have sold their souls if not their dignity to get a few laughs which for the like-minded of us would not find funny at all.

Cultural Marxist Hypocrisy and CG Disruption

Well It seems that The Commonwealth Games is another target for The Delusional Cultural Marxists by Claming it is "Stolenwealth Games". And Matters are not helped by certain Aboriginal extremists disrupting the Baton Relay and trying to get into the games venues without tickets and having Lefturds aiding their Treachery I suppose that when they're protesting about their land and calling it Stolenwealth they don't complain when they get free handouts from the government I.E Bleeding our welfare system dry and wasting it on things that they shouldn't be buying. Now don't get me wrong not all Aboriginals are like this especially when some actually work for a living and not relying on Handouts by the government The Cultural Marxists on the other hand they enter Universities and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on degrees only to be Irreversibly Brainwashed by lecturers with delusional views on society for instance they want refugees into Australia but not White South Africans fleeing violent Persecution now White South Africans are GENUINE Refugees not the Fake ones these Cultural Marxist Trash want here Especially when one considers that Certain Unis like Latrobe University are brazenly epressing Communism and seemingly getting away with it. and as for the CM Trash that plan to counter-protest those who want the White SA farmers to come here from violent persecution don't bother as you'll only embarrass yourselves even further here's a tip for all you Delusional Culltural Marxists how about Getting what is called A JOB instead on getting ridiculous Piercings and Hair Dyes to make yourselves even more idiotic you can certainly try to make an effort into applying for work no wonder anyone does not want to hire you given the images i've seen.

The Death of Free Speech In Britain

Well it seems what we hoped wouldn't happen has happened Britain First Leader Paul Golding and Deputy Leader Jayda Franssen have been found guilty of "Harrasing a group of Convicted Child Rapists" in the eyes of "The Establishment" the rapists in question being Muslim of course and as a result of being found guilty they've been sentenced to 6 months for Paul and 9 for Jayda Respectively a conviction which was an attempt by "The Establishment" to silence them and at the same time Free Speech Why? The answer is simple Britain has in effect sold her soul and nationalist pride to the scum of humanity and it seems that everyday Brits are being hounded by Police for Telling the Truth about Muslims a clear indication of how Britain has lost what it once stood for even Conservative Speakers have been denied entry into the U.K for doing the same thing. Well guess what this will only anger more and more nationalists by the day to a point where an nationalist uprising will happen against The Establishment and all the traitors within and it will take more than the threat of Prison to stop us because it will happen not only in Britain but also every western country that has allowed these Barbaric Scum into our countries but i'm telling all those who read this that we will NOT Be silenced into submission and we will FIGHT to take back what's rightfully ours and as for those Left-Wing Cowards who came after Tommy Robinson Good luck trying to scare us because we fight back against those SJW"s who cowardly hide their faces and we will expose them for what they really are. Gutless weak Cowards!! And as a result of this outrageous outcome even children's right to freedom of speech may be compromised if we don't act now to save humanity for our sakes and for that of our children. 

The Filthy Spread of Sodomy

Well well well another year another show of disgusting and absolute filth in the form of The Mardi Gras once again exposing their absolute contempt for Moral and Traditional values not to mention exposing our Kids to this debauchery and if you think our PM wasn't there think again he was captured in a Selfie with the most glorified Leftard of all Cher and even Bill Shorten had the Nerve and shamelessness to bring his children to this show of filth again ever since the LGBTIQ Thugs pushed for having SSM things have blown all out of proportions nearly if not at the point of no return and all these corporations like Qantas and Apple have corrupted themselves by showing this filth on TV Apple's latest ad is by far the most Immoral and offensive of them all in the eyes of every good conservative and christian man and woman of Australia. But then again i expected nothing less when they let Money get the better of them. And it's becoming a known fact that The LGBTIQ Movement is just like Islam a Totalitarian Movement that seeks to destroy western values and are tainted with the Kainka of Rebellion and it is the Lord's will that such Kainka be rooted out before it corrupts and destroys beyond all redemption Just like all elements of Cultural marxism disguised as Political Correctness Must be eliminated. Well i can assure all of you today that i will never submit to this kind of filth and i will never be silenced no matter how hard they try my resolve will never be broken NEVER!!!

The Red Menace

Well it seems that despite being kicked out of LaTrobe University for her communist tendancies Roz Ward doesn't seem to know when to shut up as what i discovered that she is due to hold a Marxism Conference at The Victorian Centre for Arts on the Easter weekend 29 March- April 1st yet another pathetic opportunity for her and her wretched followers to spread the Evil Marxist Agenda. Now every like-minded conservative knows that we can't trust Communism in any way as they hold the historical record for the largest amount of State-Sanctioned Mass Murder in the world offically it's 100 million Plus unoffically it's possibly more than that not to mention Millions being sent to forced labour camps for what Communism describes as dissent which is in fact the truth case in point North Korea where even up to three generations of famly members can be sent to forced labour camps for the "Dissident" actions of their Grandfather for example among other Brutalities but then Roz Ward is Blind to the Bloody Truth about Communism and this is the same Wretched excuse for a woman who was reported as saying Quote " That she would not rest until the Australian flag is replaced with a Communist Red Flag" Unquote and unfortuately this story has been verified with the following website www.marxistconference.org which has this illegal conference on it.

Commie Greens

Well it seems The Glorified Communists otherwise known as The Greens seem to not know when to shut up as was demonstrated this week with their attack on a decorated war veteran now a senator. It seems that Di Natale and his communist thugs now want to pick on Retired Major General Jim Molan for his activities in which many of us like minded patriots regard as a war hero rather than a war criminal as The Greens in their tiny brains like to describe strong words from a bunch of communist parasites who clearly haven't bothered to defend Australia would rather continue spouting their message of hate to this country among other crimes against humanity. Well guess what You Commie vultures we patriots HATE YOU That includes Adam Bandt,Lee Rihannon,Sarah Hanson-Young and every single commie pinkals that support your disease ridden party Oh and since that you Di Natale claim this is aboriginal land and always will be as your deluded mind dictates does that mean you'll give up your Inner-City Apartment and the farm know as Twin Gunns that you did NOT declare to the ATO?. No i didn't think so. it also shows that you Greens are not only Muslim-Loving Cowards but it also shows that you are all Lying Hypocrites That should all be out of a job at least then you will no longer be a thorn in our patriotic sides.

The Terrorist Group known as Antifa

Well ladies and Gentlemen i have been wanting to say this for a long time ever since i first knew of Antifa's wretched Existence i formally decalre them if Turnbull can't be bothered saying so then i will Antifa is a Terrorist group no matter what the Serial liars of the MSM try to tell you and in light of the Flinders Street Terrorist attack yes TERRORIST Attack in case the MSM is lying about that too i feel it is appropriate to formally declare Antifa as such given they incite violence towards those they don't agree with. and for those who support them The Greens and The Socialist Alliance well they too should be charged with supporting Antifa and anyone who thinks i'm wrong about my opinion needs to get their heads checked end of story.

Facebook's ignorance

It seems that though they may not see it but Facebook's hirearchy are really prisoners of their own ignorance by punishing conservatives for petty issues and all the while they're protecting the real threats to Western Society by allowing them to pretty much get away with threats violence and intimidation. Now i ask do you hear Conservatives using these methods towards those they don't agree with NO they don't because unlike Leftards we have what is called a Conscience together with a brain and common sense as well as common courtesy and the ability to use them so sorry facebook it's no wonder you have users leving your biased Network in droves because they have had enough of your ignornace to a point where you're not only losing users but your fiscal side of things is dropping too> Makes you wonder who the REAL Heroes are the conservatives because we think we comment we speak the truth undiluted and like the Cultural marxists on the other side we DON"T use Violence we DON"T make threats and we certainly DON"T cover our faces in public during protests kind of what Antifa does and yet FB is protecting them while punishing us 

Sleeze Galore

Wel it seems that the following suburbs of Newtown and Erskineville are making names for themselves FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS!! Not long after the SSM results were in the aforementioned suburbs had decided to celebrate by Villifying  Cardinal Pell and Tony Abbott on the side of a Pub In Erskineville and a Queer version of Jesus which i find Blasphemous if not extremely disturbing especially the one of Pell and Abbott. Not only this shows that The left are absolute hypocrites but it also reveals the well known fact that they are completely shameless and have no respect for religion at all. Imagine though if it was a Queer version of what Muslims worship then the biased Mainstream Media would be all over it like moths a flame and now it seems the one who got rid of the mural of Cardinal Pell and Tony Abbott is now been charged by police when in fact they should have left him alone and actually gone after REAL criminals rather than after someone who mearly exercised his religious beliefs of all things thus the left doesnt practice what they preach at all insted they force they pathetic ideals down everyone else's throats and expects them to swallow it well sorry you leftie hypocrites but there's agreat deal many of us that have what is called a conscience something none of you would know the meaning of the word.

Australia's Social downfall

Well the results of the SSM Postal survey are in and what i was afraid was going to happen happened at least 61% have voted Yes and as a result all the founding Principles of this once great country are under threat if this is legalised you only need look at what is happening in Canada the U.S and the U.K at least and people expressing their religious freedoms are being persecuted by the very Cultural Marxists that brought about their country's Moral and Socio-Economic demise with Bakeries for example being either sued or fined for refusing to make cakes for Same-Sex Couples among other acts of persecution all the while our children are being exposed to their utter filth in schools all to appease the Evil NWO Globalists and the equally evil U.N which is nothing more than a cartel of 57 dictatorships and theocracies all hell-bent on the destruction of western values one of them being FREEDOM OF SPEECH. But it's not too late to resist this very substantial threat of our very principles of which our ancestors fought and died for The Government cannot be allowed to oppress the many for the good of a few i urge all those that read this to contac your MP's and in a polite way of course express your disgust at this.

Political Rubbish

Well another week and still the same boring issue remains Duel Citizenship already three have quit one not even in the job for an hour and yet Labor continues to stonewall the Public by not revealing some of it's MP's have Duel Citizenship and i can point out at least two so Bill Shorten do us a favour and spare us the hypocrisy and be a man and make these two quit or are you a mouse? You decide

Melbourne Cup Mayhem

Well it seems that Not even the race that stops a nation is immune from cultural Marxists as a pathetic little stunt illustrated today over Manus Island showed. It also shows that Cultural Marxists have sold not only their souls but their creditbility and their Dignity what's left of it by staging a crane stunt effectively disrupting The Melbourne Cup in the process. And so it begins GetUp the pathetic Anti-Western Pro Left-wing terrorist group funded by George Soros and reinforced by Labor's Donations has yet again embarrassed themselves and a Democratically elected Government by showing what can only be described as the so-called plight of refugees and we all know well the Like-Minded of us know that these "Refugees" are little more than invaders. Well GetUp guess what? Your pathetic little stunts will only get you so far as more and more of us Like-Minded Individuals are waking up to your insolence and i wonder what other event are you planning to Disrupt next before people take the law into their own hands and put an end to your Pathetic Marxist Agenda Only time will tell and for you it's fast running out.

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